Meek Mill Freestyling Over Drake's "Back to Back" Is Downright Triumphant

It was the Philly rapper's decision to open his 14-minute freestyle with the instrumental of Drake's 2015 diss record aimed at him.
Queens, US

Holy shit, Meek Mill finally rapped over Drake's "Back to Back." In the three years since their feud—they've each dealt with turmoil of varying degrees of severity—Meek Mill spent five months in prison for a parole violation and Drake caught a dose of his own medicine when the world found out he was hiding a child. Since then, the two have made amends and Drake even brought Meek out at a Boston show. Off the heels of Championships, his first album since his legal troubles, the Philly rapper goes back to his roots this morning in a new Hot 97 freestyle. "I told you what beat I want," Meek Mill tells Funk Flex. "I don't want there to be no confusion. That's my guy, me and him kicking it every night." He admits that both he and Drake have acknowledged the low blows they took at each other, which ultimately strengthened their friendship. "We pouring out confessions."


This is freestyle is more than good—it's downright a win. It's what everyone hoped Meek did at the peak of their issues. Meek on "Back to Back" takes you back to the days when people jacked for beats in the beef era, trying to get under the skin of their opponents. "I always wanted a piece of this. I felt like you got over on me on this. I had to pop my shit," he says mid-freestyle. But, now that the two rappers are friends, it makes the use of the instrumental that much more powerful. He offers witty bars and punchlines about taking women from the projects to Santorini but when he raps, "I done got bougie / More confident and cockier," you can tell he believes it. It's been a long three years in the fall and comeback of Meek Mill and this feels like only the beginning.

Watch the entire freestyle above.

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