Wu-Tang Clan Did a Tiny Desk Concert to Remind You How Much They Rule

It's a 20-minute-long medley replete with strings and packed with the sort of quick-fire lyrical dexterity you'd expect.
Wu-Tang Clan Tiny Desk Concert

If you haven't yet watched the new Wu-Tang Clan short film For the Children: 25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), then stop reading this blog immediately, tell your boss that I said it was cool for you to take 20 minutes off work this morning, and go check it out. I'll wait.

Okay cool. It's good, right? Now you've done that, let's talk about Wu-Tang's Tiny Desk Concert, which came out this morning. Unlike most NPR sets, there's no clear delineation between songs or sheepish mid-set reminiscing. It's just 20 minutes of Raekwon, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God, and Young Dirty Bastard (ODB's son), rolling through a medley of tracks from their past. The Green Project back the group up on strings, but Young Dirty Bastard steals the show by jumping onto the desk and briefly losing his mind. It's great, and you can watch it below.

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