Submerge Yourself in Gramrcy's Unsettling Incantations Mix


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Submerge Yourself in Gramrcy's Unsettling Incantations Mix

Instalment number four takes our esoteric series into murkier territory.

When we started the Incantations mix series a few months ago, our intention was to provide a platform for DJs to play the music they wouldn't otherwise get to in the club environment. Home mixes full of the more esoteric records in their bags. Up until now, we've largely enjoyed a Balearic interpretation of this brief—sessions to date have come in from Apiento, Shelter, and Balearic Social. This month, however, the series is crossing the threshold into murkier territory, thanks to Berlin-based DJ and producer Gramrcy.


Known for releases on Berceuse Heroique sublabel Ancient Monarchy, as well as Charles Drakeford's FTD imprint, his productions range from skittish breakbeats to swollen techno. He's a producer unafraid of thrusting club-ready sounds into unnerving contexts, as displayed on 2015's "Ruffian," or last year's "18 Drums." That said, for us, he's put together two hours of unsettling, submerged soundscapes. This is fractured experimentation at its best—in its more gentle moments sounding like the cigarette-burnt moments between sleep and waking, at its most sinister like drowning in a swamp. We have been poring over every damaged sound and bulging beat in this one, and we know you're going to do the same.

When we asked Gramrcy how he made the mix he said: "2 turntables, 2 CDJs. Records and digital files split between 'background' and 'foreground'. Tracks played forwards, backwards, ±100% tempo, 33 and/or 45rpm. Locked grooves and runout grooves. Heavy-handed EQ & FX throughout." We don't really understand, but that's probably why we spend our days writing relatable online content and he lives in Berlin producing warped techno. Enjoy the mix below.

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