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Exorcise Your Demons with 'Dark Rain,' the New Single from TITAN Featuring Gary Numan

The new wave legend joins forces with the Mexican trio in this creepy new video.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Mexico.

Last year, TITAN released DAMA, their first album in 11 years and one of Noisey Mexico's best albums of of 2016, in which we described the record as "the most forceful of their discography: The album they always wanted to do, on their own terms, by their own rules… A perverse mix of analog and dance [that, through precise references to] that specific kind of post punk and early 80s new wave, sounds both like something from 30 years ago and like something that will be made five years from now."


And within that beast of a record is "Dark Rain," a song made in collaboration with Gary Numan and a video we're happy to release on Noisey today.

In the clip, which was recorded at the Desert of the Lions in Mexico City, TITAN and Numan prevent the escape of a poor girl possessed by Satan, who tries to avoid being exorcised by the band.

Nunan spoke to us about his experience working with the band, and his trip to Mexico to record the video:

I must admit I hadn't met Titan until Nick Launay, the producer of their most recent album, got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in adding some vocals to a track he was working on with the band. I really liked the track when I heard it, but I didn't realize until I'd met the band that I'd gotten the order of the verse and the chorus mixed up, so I accidentally came up with something quite unexpected, I think. I was very happy with the end result, though.

The band was kind enough to fly me and my wife Gemma to Mexico City to film the video, along with some other shots to use as part of their stage show when they perform the song live. That really was a fantastic experience. Mexico City itself was fascinating, but it was the band and their manager Alex who really made the trip special for us. They're really lovely people to be around.

Making videos can often be a lot more tedious than you might imagine. Endless hours of boredom and discomfort are, in fact, actually quite normal. That wasn't the case here, thanks to the band. It was a fun, creative, and most enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I was amazed at how successful they are, and yet still so easy to talk to and be with. I don't think I've ever laughed so much while making a video. They made us feel very welcome, like friends, and we appreciated that. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and I hope we can meet again one day.

You can see TITAN live at one of their upcoming shows:

July 2 / Rock the Park / Bogotá, Colombia
July 6 / The Rent / Los Angeles, CA
July 7 / Ruido Fest / Chicago, IL

Translated by Meredith Balkus.

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