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Photos of Ohio, the Swing State That Could Decide the Election

Photographer Caroline Tompkins takes us on a photo tour of the Buckeye State, featuring the world's largest loaf of bread, the Living Bible Wax Museum, and many Dalmatians.

Ohio could decide the 2016 presidential election. Along with ten other states, Ohio is a swing state whose electoral votes have gone to both Democrat and Republican nominees in past presidential elections. Photographer Caroline Tompkins has worked to capture the state that, at least once every four years, captures the attention of the rest of the US.

"I was very interested in the tourism industry of places with no geological pleasures—no mountains, oceans, canyons, etc.—and what these places, places like Ohio, did to entice sightseers. This could be the [World's] Largest Loaf of Bread, or the [Biblewalk Bible] wax museum," she says. "My intention was not to point or criticize, but rather find yourself laughing with."