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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, September 2020

A climax takes place in your love life this month, Scorpio.
August 31, 2020, 10:45pm
Virgo and Libra
Robin Eisenberg

Welcome to Virgo season, Scorpio! The sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules friendship and you’re having juicy conversations at the start of this month as Mercury in Virgo mingles with your ruling planet Pluto, currently in Capricorn, on September 1. This is a powerful time for communication: Astrologers say that Scorpios detest small talk, and this is definitely a moment where you will be going deep with whomever you’re connecting with! If you have paperwork piling up on your desk or something important to write, Mercury and Pluto’s connection will be of great assistance. Ditto if you’re hoping to network with powerful people! 


A climax takes place in your love life with the full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on September 2. Full moons are emotional periods that are all about release, so you can expect this to be a highly sensitive moment when you and your romantic partners are absolutely gushing with emotion. Whatever you have been playing “cool” about may not be something you can stay aloof about any longer! Creatively, this is an exciting moment when you may wrap up a project that you’ve been excited about. Pisces energy is all about artistic expression, but Pisces vibes want you to let loose. As much as you want to celebrate during this full moon, Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn asks that you focus on your responsibilities—now isn’t the time to abandon your work. You may also experience some blocks in communication and realize that you need to raise your standards. The sun’s connection with wildcard Uranus helps you balance the restrictive energy that may frustrate you, and may find your partners—in love and otherwise—surprising you with unexpected news, a new approach, an offer to experiment, or an introduction to someone unusual, eccentric, or simply brilliant! 

Helping you set plans and agreements is Mercury’s connection with Saturn on September 3. Venus clashes with your ruling planet Mars—currently in Aries and soon to be retrograde—and connects with Mercury on September 4, creating a competitive yet flirtatious atmosphere. Your strong psychic sense gets a boost as Mercury enters Libra on September 5. You may find yourself in a more private mood than usual, with your mind wanting more rest, but the boost in popularity that arrives as Venus enters Leo on September 6 will likely find you staying busy and in the public eye. Venus in this fire sign bodes well for your career and may bring rewards and recognition your way! 


September 9 is a day to circle in your calendar: Not only do lucky social connections take place as the sun connects with Jupiter in Capricorn, but your ruling planet Mars also begins its retrograde in Aries on this day, which finds you reconsidering how you set up your schedule, how your daily habits and routines might need to be changed, and how you approach health and wellness. There are items on your to-do list that you may feel too exhausted, frustrated, or even too grumpy to tackle while Mars is retrograde. Do your best to keep your cool and consider how you can rearrange things so that you don’t have so much pressure on yourself in your day-to-day routine. Ask for help, have strong boundaries around saying “no” to plans or tasks that are too draining of your energy, and ask for extensions for work you need more time to complete.

Confusion descends as the sun opposes Neptune on September 11: Notice if you start talking down to yourself or if self-esteem issues pop up. Reach out to friends and lovers for support—they need the love, too! Disappointment may be in the air, so stay realistic about things and remember that you can always try again or try something new! Jupiter ends its retrograde on September 12, activating the communication sector of your chart and finding you reaching out to siblings and neighbors and sharing news. A road trip may take place—stay safe as we continue moving through this pandemic! A great moment for networking arrives as the sun connects with Pluto on September 14, so take note of who you meet on this day. Venus then clashes with Uranus on September 15, bringing unexpected shake-ups in your relationships. If you’re open-minded, these surprises could be just what you need to add some novelty to your relationships! Otherwise, you may find that you or your partners are feeling the need to do your, or their, own thing. 


A new cycle begins in your social life thanks to the new moon in Virgo on September 17. This is a magical new moon for meditating on your future plans. You’re thinking big and easily accessing the information you need as Mercury clashes with Jupiter, but do be mindful about exaggerations and don’t let your imagination totally run away from you! The sun also makes a supportive connection with the planet of structure, Saturn, which creates helpful energy around setting commitments and discussing responsibilities. But watch out for power struggles as Mercury clashes with Pluto on September 21—if someone says something that doesn’t make sense to you, trust your instincts and bring in a third party to help you sort things out. It’s also important that you keep your paranoia in check at this time. 

Libra season begins on September 22, finding the sun illuminating a highly personal, private sector of your chart: Expect your dreams to be more active and to find yourself wanting to catch up on time alone. Libra season is a wonderful time for you to do shadow work (exploring your fears, secrets, and your subconscious mind), to lean into your spiritual practice, and to simply catch up on rest! Be mindful of communication blocks on September 23 as Mercury clashes with Saturn. Rest your mind and take time away from screens. Double-check your calendar and make sure you’re not flaking on any responsibilities, but do try not to overbook yourself. 

A flurry of communication takes place as Mercury opposes Mars on September 24, but watch out for arguments and a competitive atmosphere. You’re getting the information you need, head on—but Mars is retrograde, so scheduling issues may take place, or other details may change. You’re expressing yourself confidently and feeling mentally sharp as Mercury enters your sign, Scorpio, on September 27. You’re known as the detective of the zodiac, and as the planet of intellect enters your sign, there won’t be any cases you can’t crack—expect your investigative skills to be put to good use! Venus connects with Mars retrograde on September 28: As frustrating as Mars retrograde can be, this helpful connection with sweet Venus creates some ease, especially in the realm of your career, productivity, and popularity. Saturn ends its retrograde and Mars retrograde clashes with Saturn on September 29—your mind is on serious matters, reflecting on the commitments and contracts you’ve been working with. Think back to August 24: You’re revisiting how you want to tackle the goals you were working with during that period.

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you next month!