YouTuber Pees His Pants for a Bible Full of Cash and the Cops Seized It

Holt’s hard work and innovative display of public indecency paid off at first, but then his luck turned.
Screengrab: Norwegian Customs

Late last year a man dressed as Santa Claus took a bong hit in a Norwegian shopping mall before peeing himself and then finally cycling into the sea in subzero temperatures. 

That man was Dan Holt, a student and co-owner of the StreetManTV YouTube channel, where he and his friend film themselves drinking a hundred beers and “dicking around at IKEA.” He's kind of a Norwegian Jake Paul who acts like an annoying idiot in public for views, often while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. 


Not only did he do all the above, but he also filmed it and uploaded it to his Instagram account as part of a challenge from Finnish sunglass brand nopeet. The company originally challenged participants back in November to film themselves doing something ‘insane’ in public, with the winner receiving $5,000 in cash. 

Holt’s hard work and public indecency paid off. Earlier this month, the company reached out to Holt and informed him that he had won the challenge, and that they would be sending him the $5,000 in cash. 

That’s when his luck turned. 

On January 13 Norwegian Customs Authorities seized a bible filled with the prize money. It was obviously addressed for Holt. 

“Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the books,” the agency wrote in a tweet two days later. “Here we see an attempt to smuggle about 50,000 kroner (in USD) in a hollowed out bible.”


The video starts with Holt sitting in his car saying “bad Santa doesn’t care” while pouring a can of Red Bull into a bong and then packing it with tobacco. It then cuts to inside the mall, where he takes a hit from the bong before puking a murky brown liquid onto the floor. Later in the video, he screams “nopeet made me do it” while cycling into the sea and, on a different day, we get to see his baby blue jeans slowly darken as he presumably relieves himself in public. 


“Originally I was going to set myself on fire before going into the sea, but, ya know, unfortunately the first rule of the competition was don’t hurt yourself or others,” Holt told Motherboard over the phone. “People at first were like ‘ah yay it’s Christmas and Santa is here!’ But then, the moment I took out the bong, their faces dropped. They looked like, fucking, like someone took their soul out.” 

“Yeah, then I took a hit and I puked, but that wasn’t planned actually,” he added. “Tobacco usually doesn’t hit me that hard.” 

Now, despite Holt’s pleas, Norwegian authorities are refusing to give him the money, citing the fact that it’s a crime to ‘smuggle’ money into the country without declaring it first. 

“I called the customs authorities and then they told me to call the police,” Holt said, “Then they made a police case out of it or whatever, because, you know, it’s pretty fucking sketchy to have 5,000 US dollars in bible.” 

Holt claims that he had no idea that nopeet was planning to send the money in a bible, or that he had to declare the money first. Luckily for him though, the company is on his side. 

“Our lawyers are already working on suing the Norwegian authorities,” the company wrote on an Instagram post. “The only logical reason for this desperate act is the decreasing price of oil. When oil was still expensive, Norwegian authorities weren’t forced to run after the pennies of unfortunate individuals just to support their families.”  

It would indeed be a shame if Holt soiled a nice pair of jeans in public for nothing, but he’s confident that, in one way or another, he will receive at least some of the prize money. Still, he finds it absurd that he’s being treated by authorities as a criminal. 

“Look, they [nopeet] are going to fix it,” he said. “The police are just doing their jobs, but the fact that they are trying to punish me for something I didn’t even send is fucking ridiclous.” 

The Norwegian Custom Authorities and nopeet did not immediately respond to a request for comment.