Which Zodiac Sign Should You Date Next?

Take this quiz from 'The Astrology of Love & Sex,' and explore what you’re currently looking for in love.
Which Zodiac Sign Should You Date Next?
Image by Cathryn Virginia | Photos from Chronicle Books and Getty 

Most astrologers would probably agree that love is the most popular topic among clients, which is usually followed by the question: Are we compatible? Can a loquacious Gemini connect with a quiet Cancer? A rowdy Sagittarius with a thoughtful Virgo? A cool Aquarius and a theatrical Leo? 

Here at VICE, we approach astrology with the attitude that any sun sign combinations can be compatible with strong communication, boundaries, maturity, and desire. For us, compatibility is unique from person to person, not sun sign to sun sign. One Scorpio’s dream Pisces could be another Scorpio’s nightmare; one Libra’s Aries hero could be another Libra’s foe. 


Rather than filtering your dates by prescribed zodiacal compatibility notions, try this quiz from my book, The Astrology of Love & Sex, to learn which sign you might enjoy getting to know, based on what you’re currently looking for in life. Bookmark this page and take the quiz again after some time passes and you feel as if your needs have changed. 

To take this quiz, read the first blurb then answer yes or no to whether you find it appealing. If your answer is “no,” keep reading and answering until you find one that’s a “yes.” Once you reach your “yes,” read up on your potential date, but feel free to keep your options open and read all of the signs that seem exciting to you!

Which Sign Should You Date?

Meander through the zodiac with this quiz to figure out which sign you should set your sights on. This isn’t a “one time only” quiz; your needs and tastes will change over time, so feel free to take it again and again. Let’s get started!

You believe in love at first sight. You need a partner who is able to live in the moment, and who is spontaneous and brave—you two are ready to dive into love headfirst without looking both ways. Fireworks explode when you two are in bed, yet the postcoital cuddles have an innocent sweetness about them.

Yes: We have a winner! Aries likes things done quickly, whether that’s falling in love or being the immediate choice on a quiz! 


No: Hmm, maybe we should take things slower.

A warm fire is crackling before you; your lover places a mug of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows in your hand—you feel so safe and cozy with your partner! Not only do you two laugh together all the time, but you’re also able to comfortably cry around each other. A handmade quilt wraps you two as you gaze at the stars, after deeply passionate lovemaking. 

Yes: Dreamy! I’m so there for moonlit evenings with Cancer. 

No: You lost me at crying.

Verbal affirmations of love and affection are important to you, so getting a good morning and good night call from your lover always makes you feel cared for. The intellectual connection between you two is spectacular, and physically, your lover’s kisses are electric and you’re so excited to finally meet someone who is up for anything in bed. 

Yes: Please give my number to a Gemini. 

No: I don’t need a flood of notifications popping up on my phone all day; I’ll pass.

When they invited you out for a picnic, you didn’t realize that it would be at a graveyard. They have vials of liquids you can’t identify hidden away in a secret box under their bed, but it doesn’t bother you too much because you’re inspired by their ambition, creativity, and ability to be so emotionally present with you. The sex is powerful and intense—to the point of being a spiritual experience.


Yes: It sounds like the stars have aligned for a Scorpio! 

No: This sounds intense; no graveyard picnics for me, please.

You and your lover are VIPs at all the most important parties, and people always comment on what a photogenic couple you are. You two live in luxury—and treat each other like royalty. You inspire each other creatively, and the sex (on silk sheets, and in a king-size bed) is intense and passionate!

Yes: Book us a couple’s salon appointment—Leo and I have a big event to go to! 

No: No thank you, I value my private life.

After a long, whimsical evening of passionate lovemaking and deep, emotional sharing, you two wake up and enjoy breakfast in bed, spending some time interpreting your dreams and talking about your past lives. You’re not in a rush to go anywhere— except maybe to the beach.

Yes: I always knew I’d end up with a Pisces—I am psychic, you know. 

No: This book is great and all, but I don’t want to talk about astrology all day with my partner.

You always knew you would end up in a power couple. You’re so glad you’ve finally met someone as career driven and focused as you are! But, equally as important, someone who is up for hot, raunchy sex. You two probably have a room exclusively for sex in your home. Oh, and your partner gives excellent massages.

Yes: Pencil me in with Capricorn! 


No: I don’t even know what I will be doing next month—I can’t keep up with a Capricorn’s five-year plan.

You’ve been looking for a partner who really wants a relationship, and the one that you found is unbelievably stylish, intelligent, and popular—your social calendars are always full! You two can talk about anything for hours, from politics to art to sex—and indeed, the mental connection in bed is phenomenal!

Yes: I’m ready for my equal: I’ll go out with Libra! 

No: I don’t want to be responsible for deciding what we will be eating for dinner each night.

You need to be attracted to someone’s mind, and your partner is a total genius. Plus, they’re not afraid to stand out, which you find to be a major turn-on. They’re always up for an adventure. You hate being bored, and so do they. They’re innovative and love to experiment—in life and in the bedroom!

Yes: I need someone who is intrigued by my unique personality, not intimidated! I’ll date Aquarius. 

No: I’ve tried enough “new things” for now; who else is out there for me?

You and your partner’s perfect day includes: plenty of eating, going to an art show or seeing a concert, and of course, plenty of naps (in big, fluffy beds—being cozy is important to you two!). “Solid” and “dependable” are words that turn you on, not off, and meeting a lover who is slow and sensual in bed is just what you’ve been craving.


Yes: I want to cuddle with a Taurus! 

No: I need physical activity or else I get stir-crazy.

You probably met your lover at the library, in the philosophy section. Or maybe it was at a big party—you two love to celebrate as much as you love to study. The sex is fiery and passionate, and probably will eventually happen on a plane because you two love to travel so much.

Yes: I’ll need to renew my passport, because I’m so ready to fly to Sagittarius land. 

No: Vacations are great, but I need a partner who I know will stick around for the everyday tasks and routines life requires.

The tarot card associated with your lover, according to occultists, is the Hermit, but despite this, you never question that your partner is there for you! You love their practical, no-bullshit approach to life. Your first kiss was by a waterfall and you could swear that the animals cheered you two on, like you were in a fairy tale. They’re sensual, and are so, so willing to please you.

Yes: I’m very picky, so Virgo is the one for me! 

No: Hmm, maybe I should take a hint from the sign ruled by the Hermit tarot card, and spend some time alone, reconnecting with myself and my inner truth for a while. I’ll take this quiz again later!

Reprinted from The Astrology of Love and Sex by Annabel Gat with permission from Chronicle Books, 2019. Illustrations by Jess Rotter.