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Photos of Scotland Fans Partying in Central London

Photographer Jake Lewis followed supporters from arrivals at King's Cross to the impromptu party in central London.
June 19, 2021, 10:37am

England and Scotland met for their first Euros fixture since 1996 last night, in what was a fairly dull goalless draw at Wembley. Still, Scotland had reason to celebrate, as the result leaves them with a hope of qualifying for the next round of the tournament.

Far more entertaining than the match were the thousands of Scottish fans who descended on central London, despite mayor Sadiq Khan urging anyone without a ticket or a pub booking to stay home, because of the risk of creating a spike in COVID cases.


The atmosphere was overwhelmingly jubilant and good natured, with fans chanting “No Scotland, no party” and singing “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”, the national side’s unofficial anthem. It was also, of course, very pissed up, and by the end of the evening police had made 25 arrests in central London.

Photographer Jake Lewis was there to follow fans from arrivals at King’s Cross into town for the party.