Cop Secretly Filmed Naked Women for Years Using Spy Cameras

Former officer Neil Corbel admitted 19 counts of voyeurism, but prosecutors said police found 51 images of naked women on his hard drive.
Neil Corbel. Photo: Courtesy of Metropolitan Police
Neil Corbel. Photo: Courtesy of Metropolitan Police

A serving police officer in London has admitted filming naked women with spy cameras he covertly installed during fake photo shoots he set up while pretending to be a pilot.

Detective Inspector Neil Corbel, 40, a former counterterrorism officer, pleaded guilty to 19 counts of voyeurism offences. But prosecutors said that while detectives were able to identify 19 victims willing to give statements against him, photos of 51 women were found on his hard drive.


The offences took place at hotel rooms and flats in the London, Manchester and Brighton areas between January 2017 and February 2020.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that Corbel booked models for nude photoshoots at locations he had rigged with hidden cameras, and that all but one of the women took part on the agreement they would not be filmed at all. Victims had no idea that Corbel had installed spy cameras in his glasses, as well as clocks, keys, and a phone charger. The court heard that Corbel positioned the cameras so that the women’s genitals could be filmed.

Corbel was caught when one of the women became suspicious of a clock during the shoot, and searched for the brand name online.

“What came up was spy cameras. As soon as the session ended she went to a police station and made a report about it,” said prosecutor Babatunde Alabi.

Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett of the Metropolitan Police said Corbel’s offences were “grave and troubling”.

"The victims in this case have shown incredible strength throughout the investigation and I would like to thank them for their courage and patience throughout. I am truly disappointed in the actions of the officer which are not at all representative of the high values and standards we expect, and I am saddened by the pain and hurt that he has caused.” he said.

Corbel will next appear in court in October. He is currently suspended from duty, and misconduct proceedings will now follow.