Daily Horoscope: September 24, 2021

The moon is in Taurus today.
September 23, 2021, 9:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

The moon and Uranus meet in Taurus at 12:56 PM, creating an adventurous atmosphere! The moon opposes sweet Venus in brooding water sign Scorpio at 4:16 PM, encouraging affection despite an overall moody energy that might also be at play.

All times ET.


Aries likes to move quickly, but the moon is in Taurus today, urging you to slow down. Something surprising may catch your attention! Your wants and needs are shifting.


Surprising feelings may pop up as the moon meets wildcard Uranus. The moon opposes your ruling planet Venus, which could create a moody atmosphere if you have a hard time expressing your needs.


Take it slow, Gemini; the moon in Taurus encourages you to rest. Make time to meditate and connect with your intuition, as it’s especially sharp today.


You’re in the mood to network and connect with friends as the moon moves through Taurus. Chance meetings may take place. Treat yourself to something wonderful!


The moon in Taurus meets rebellious Uranus, and you’re interested in experimenting with new ideas, especially when it comes to your career. You’re reflecting on what appreciation means to you as the moon opposes Venus.


Unexpected opportunities could come your way as the moon in fellow earth sign Taurus meets wildcard Uranus. Love letters might also land in your inbox as the moon opposes sweet Venus.


Money and other resources you share with people are on your mind as the moon moves through Taurus, meets wildcard Uranus (bringing surprises!), and opposes your ruling planet Venus. It may be time to re-negotiate things or simply touch base!


It’s a powerful day to connect with your partners as the moon moves through your opposite sign Taurus, meets electric Uranus, and opposes sweet Venus. Unexpected feelings may surface.


Your daily routine may get shaken up as the moon in Taurus meets wildcard Uranus. Give yourself a break as the moon opposes Venus: Treat yourself to something comforting!


Unexpected fun arrives as the moon in fellow earth sign Taurus meets electric Uranus and opposes sweet Venus! Make time for the things and people you love most, and try something new.


The moon in Taurus usually finds you getting cozy at home, but today it meets your ruling planet Uranus, and you’re ready to shake things up! Perhaps it’s time to redecorate as the moon opposes the planet of beauty, Venus.


A eureka moment arrives as the moon in Taurus meets electric Uranus. Kind words are exchanged, but be careful not to over-romanticize things as the moon opposes Venus.

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