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The Best Gifts for the Sophisticated Stoner in Your Life

Their best bud is bud, but so are you—which is why you should treat them to luxury CBD lube, Japanese snacks, and tie dye streetwear ‘fits.
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October 12, 2021, 11:30am
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Was your Joshua Tree bender more than a decade ago? Do you own silk jammies and go to bed before 10 PM, but totally remember when that guy named Sequoia swallowed a goldfish at Burning Man in the 90s? Congrats, grad: You are an aging, stoner sophisticate, and probably our favorite person. At this point in life, you know what you like [rips bong] and don’t really have room for anything that doesn’t tickle your fancy. Which is cool. But damn, if it doesn’t make you hard to shop for sometimes. 


Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shortage of dancing bear string lights and Tommy Chong Cameos on the web. But if we’re looking for something that feels more like a subtle wink to our buddy’s best bud (spoiler: It’s weed), then one has to get a little creative. Reach for catchalls that look like little objets d’art and snack boxes for the munchies that will give their taste buds a Michelin-level treatment. We must find the best tie dye streetwear ‘fits and trippy puzzles. We must ascend the soap box and tell you that we are not encouraging the smoking of cannabis (where it isn't already legal) through any of the following treasures—but duuuude, have you tried luxury CBD lube yet? 

Here’s a humble smorgasbord of gifts for the fanciest of your stoner friends, from the gourmand and the art buff to the music lover and the sleeper-inner...

Amazing snacks for the munchies

Nothing wrong with a strategic snack run to the bodega. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a curated box of Japanese snacks on hand at all times? Bokksu is one of our many favorite subscription box services for le munchies, because nothing slaps harder than mochi.


Classic Bokksu: Seasons of Japan


A silky lounging setup

This joint-loving jabroni is your silky, milky baby, and there is no one on this earth who has shown them more love than you—except maybe Mamma Ganja—so spoil them with a hair-coddling silk pillowcase, a satin robe, and cashmere memory foam slippers. We repeat, CASHMERE AND MEMORY FOAM slippers that feel like sliding your feet into warm baguettes. 


Pure Mulberry Silk White Pillowcase


Cashmere Memory Foam Slippers

A catchall for their sunglasses, matches, and the tiny things they're always losing 

Here’s the deal: Their keys are usually lost, random bobby pins are everywhere, and half-smoked roaches are always out to pasture on the coffee table. Such is the still life of your elevated but disorganized stoner, so give them a hand with a beautiful catchall (exactly what it sounds like; a wee dish for your trinkets). We’re partial to the warmth of a root-carved wood dish: 


Root Carving Catch-All

And this hand-crafted, mustard baby:

A CBD lube-and-vibrator combo

You know what’s great when you’re stoned? Spankin’ the bank. Common Bond makes a luxurious, botanical-infused CBD lube with zero chemical fragrance or additives, and the bottle is so sleek that I’m tempted to place it next to my fancy spirits:

Common Bond

CBD and Botanicals Lubricant

In terms of toys, there’s perhaps no greater icon of clitoral stimulators than the Satisfyer Pro 2. It has over 44,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4 star rating, because it legit feels like getting head. Personally, I appreciate the fact that the suction part of the toy is deep set, which means you’re receiving more intense stimulation without any direct contact, which is great if you have a ~sensi~ clitoris. 


If you have a penis and are penis-stroker curious, this stroker is an eeeeasy street to C-Town. (Can’t unsee it now, can you? Sorry.) Anyways, at around $20, this is not only one of the most price-accessible strokers out there, but it also proves that vibrational features aren’t a requirement for a great sex toy; this sleeve is simply textured with a ~vortex~ of ribbed textures and swirls to mimic a real blow job. 


Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

“Everybody must get stoned”

Aw. This psychedelic poster of pre-Christian rock Dylan is doing a lot for our serotonin, nostalgia, and foyer.  

Milton Glaser

Bob Dylan, Milton Glaser 1966

The streetwear-savvy stoner

This bud deserves a spooky szn sweatshirt by the cool Japanese brand, Kapital, just to make sure everyone is giving them a triple-take, and some Real Bad Man socks for a little pop of tie dye. 


Fleece Knit 2Tones Remake Big SWT

Real Bad Man

Delic Sun Tie Dye & Embroidered Socks

They follow @ifyouhigh 

There’s nothing wrong with watching hours of Go-Pro compilations and baby sensory YouTube channels on repeat, but it’s nice to shake things up. Get your stoner an iridescent puzzle that’s so chic it can live out on the coffee table, unfinished, for weeks. 

Waves Puzzle Co.

Iridescent Waves Puzzle

Groovy clogs

If you have tie-dye Crocs, you have never paid taxes. We love you.  


Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog

A love that will never die

Does your stoner have a guest bedroom or an artificial lake? Then they might already own this silver homage to Lady Mary Jane, but if they don’t, it sure will compliment the garden swans nicely. 

Park Avenue

Silvered Gilded Tole Marijuana or Cannabis Potted Plant

Massage and bon voyage, budddyyyy. 

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