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This Monthly Japanese Treat Box Is Like Having a Personal Snack Shopper

With changing themes and expertly-curated items, a subscription to Sakuraco gives you access to the best Japanese snacks out there.
Sakuraco Curated Japanese Snack Boxes
Image Courtesy of Sakuraco

Whether you’re a Japanese expat yearning for a taste of home, a distant-but-ardent enjoyer of the country’s cuisine, or simply a Lost in Translation stan, it’s hard to deny that Japanese snacks are truly world-class—and, deservedly, have expanded far beyond Japan’s borders. Is it in the many flavors of Kit-Kats, endless rows of Pocky, or crunchy shrimp chips? All of the above, mate. And what better time to seek out some fun, Japanese snacks than during these heavenly warmer months (aka picnic season), when people are looking for blissed-out sweets and unique bites that go beyond your typical grocery store offerings? Enter Sakuraco’s snack subscription box.


So what does this “box” actually entail?, you might ask. Is there any precedent for this most excellent treasure chest of treats? Well, should you wish to bring the experience of hitting a Kyoto 7-Eleven to your doorstep, Japanese curated snack boxes and online food emporiums that deliver stateside are now a huge thing—take Bokksu and Umamicart, to name a few. Where popular monthly snack box TokyoTreat specializes in the most modern and hype bites on the street—like various iterations on Pocky, awesome flavored Kit-Kats, and unique candies and instant ramens—sister brand Sakuraco has entered the chat as the ultimate resource for snack-hunters looking to immerse themselves in classic Japanese culture. So get cozy, queue up a rewatch of Drive My Car (or, let’s be real, Spirited Away again), and wait for these divine snacks to arrive AT YOUR DOOR.

$32.50 at Sakuraco

$32.50 at Sakuraco

Each month, experts curate a box filled with 20 treats, from Japanese teas to sweets like mochi and manjū; taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes) and sakura (seasonal cherry blossoms) have been known to grace the box, as have exclusive senbei (rice crackers) and konpeito candies. Rounding out the order are the occasional Japanese home goods, like chopsticks and ceramics.


Should you subscribe, 20 items a month translates to [grabs calculator] 240 pieces a year, meaning that if you choose the 12-month Sakuraco package (which admittedly is the best value), by this time next year, your home will be transformed into the Japanese paradise you so desire. There are also one, three, and six month options, meaning the snack-curious can check out Sakuraco and see how it feels before committing further; or you could simply jump in and commit to scoping out a few months of beautiful treats. 

Each month, the box has a different theme, meaning that a powerful vibe will permeate throughout; and it all comes with a booklet with info about the items and how they fit into Japanese culture. All in all, it’s basically like having a personal shopper just handing you boxes of amazing snacks, treats, and treasures. What’s not to like? 

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