Elon Musk Tweets Video of Himself ‘Entering’ Twitter HQ With Bathroom Sink

Let that sink in!
Elon Musk Tweets Video of Himself 'Entering' Twitter HQ with Bathroom Sink

If there was a god in the heavens above, none of us would know Elon Musk existed, let alone when he was wilding out at Twitter HQ, but alas the billionaire tweeted a video of himself carrying a bathroom sink out of (or into?) the company’s headquarters.

“Entering Twitter HQ—let that sink in!” Musk tweeted earlier today. This is a big turn of events from just last month when Musk and his lawyers were fighting tooth and nail in court to get out of buying Twitter for $44 billion and offering any excuse to squirm out of the deal (Twitter’s metrics are juiced up, the algorithms don’t work, etc.). 

While the threats of a lawsuit and eventual trial took months to materialize, it only took three days for it to fall away after the first batch of text messages between Musk and his circle of sycophantic billionaires and elites about Twitter were published. Now, the deal is all but a certainty with Musk offering to buy the company at his original price and a Friday deadline looming. A video of Musk joking around at the Twitter office a day before could mean that the deal is definitely on, but Musk is infamously mercurial. 

Some investors have dropped out in the meantime, others are voicing concerns about Musk and the deal itself, and Tesla’s shares (collateral for key funding packages making the acquisition possible) are down nearly 50 percent, but it’s going to be fine. Musk has a penchant for exploiting situations that should be stacked against him (Tesla’s unrealistic valuation, allegations of sexual harassment against him and Tesla, sabotaging California’s high-speed rail with a half-baked idea, reportedly running one of the most racist workplaces you’ve ever heard of, defamation lawsuits, etc.) into spectacles and media cycles that end up fizzling out into nothing more than food for his ego.

It's hard to believe, I know, but in that sense at least, the world’s richest man got exactly what he wanted. Let that sink in!