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Cherry Blossom Season Is Here—Celebrate It With These Japanese Snacks

Celebrate the coming of spring with cherry blossom tea, mochi, and mouth-watering donut bou.
Cherry Blossom Season Is Here—Celebrate It With These Japanese Snacks
Image Courtesy of Sakuraco

Spring is almost here. [Googles “when does spring start”] Spring is here! That means flowers blooming and produce growing; baseball season, longer days, Aries domination, and being forced to get drunk at attend a bunch of cringe beautiful weddings. It also means—at least in Japanese culture—the arrival of sakura (the cherry blossom) and hanami, the act of enjoying flowers and doing hella picnics under blooming trees. Honestly, anything we can do to get closer to actually appreciating the botanical world is probably a good thing, since something tells me that cracking cold ones in a Chicago park while listening to Dave Matthews Band and playing frisbee with my homie Kevin isn’t exactly the communion with nature I deserve. That’s why Japanese snack box company Sakuraco has stepped in to send us treats that help us appreciate what it calls on its website “the fleeting beauty of life.” (IMO Before These Crowded Streets does that as well, but maybe not as pleasantly.)


“Cherry blossoms bring people together in joy and celebration,” Sakuraco’s website explains. “Springtime is a time for laughter, reflection, and making memories that will last a lifetime.” (It’s also tax season and my birthday, but I guess they must have edited that part out.) In any case, Sakuraco continues to bring it by doing what it does best: assembling boxes of dope goodies for us to enjoy the finest Japanese offerings of the season. The box changes monthly, and you can score subscriptions or just the monthly selection when you want it. 

$37.50 at Sakuraco

$37.50 at Sakuraco

Usually, these boxes have all sorts of treats, from teas and cookies to mochi, rice crackers, and even home goods. For April’s box (the “Arrival of Sakura”), you get stuff like Sakura tea with real cherry blossoms, donut bou with honey and cherry blossom syrup, konpeito (flower-colored crunchy candy), mochi, and much more. Check out this month’s page for a full list of what’s included.

Whether Sakuraco’s latest collection will surpass Miller High Life, DMB, and frisbee in the park this spring is still TBD; but if you enjoy Japanese culture and snacks (or are just a big time lover of all things growing) could be worth checking out for now. Cause, you know, Bonnaroo isn’t for months. 

Order Sakuraco’s Arrival of Sakura box here.

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