Missing Lance Reddick, Moving Moments, and Moving House

Plus, dinosaurs vs AI.
Screenshot from Destiny 2: Lightfall, Commander Zavala looks off screen as something shines li
Image courtesy of Bungie

Cado’s back from moving hell, with a broken phone and sore arms. We also take a moment to remember Lance Reddick. who passed last week, and his roles in TV and games that touched us. Then, Ren and Patrick recount their time with the beta for Exoprimal, where you don an exosuit and kill a crapload of dinosaurs. Oh, and Patrick’s been click-click-clicking around the Diablo IV beta, as well. Finally, we check in with the latest game to hurt Ren’s brain, Post Void, a lil’ Destiny 2, and Bayonetta Origins before dipping into the bucket.


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