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Sydney Is Getting a Nightclub and Arts Collective for Bisexual Women

Skirt Club caters to women who might not otherwise feel welcome at typical gay venues and club nights.

Image by Flickr user Ashley Linh Trann.

Skirt Club is a girls-only, bisexual, and bi-curious nightclub cum arts collective, with branches in London, Manchester, New York, and Miami. Now the project is set to open in Sydney on June 29, with invitation by application only.

UK-based Genevieve LeJeune, 34, came up with the concept for Skirt Club after attending London's "play parties" with her ex-boyfriend. "It was so clinical and unappealing. It's a man's world and I felt that needed to change," she explained to The Daily Beast.


A bisexual women's venue in Sydney was long overdue. One of Skirt Club's co-founders, Renee Nyx, explains that "there isn't a place in Sydney at the moment that bi-curious and bisexual girls feel necessarily welcome." Nyx describes the club's foray into Australia as "an opportunity for women to explore in a safe environment and feel empowered."

Sydney Skirt Club events are held roughly every six weeks at private locations and member's homes. There's an emphasis on inclusion for women who might otherwise not feel welcome at traditional gay venue. While there are 10 gay and lesbian bars scattered around Sydney's CBD and inner suburbs, as well as several club nights catering to similar crowds, until now there's been no specific space for bisexual or bi-curious women.

To ensure Skirt Club members feels safe, membership is highly selective and exclusive. Its members are described as "life's high-achievers and risk takers." Prospective members must either be referred by current members, or fill out an online application form and undergo a rigorous screening process.

Most events are themed. Previous nights have required people dressed in corsets or in an Alice in Wonderland style. Most nights also include a presentation by a guest speaker on topics ranging from aphrodisiacs to bondage.

Entering any club can be anxiety-inducing, let alone a members only venue aimed exclusively at Sydney's bisexual elite. But ultimately, Skirt Club is a welcoming environment. As LeJeune explains, new members can be nervous at first. "We take ladies who are almost quaking with fear," she said. But "I give them a big hug and let them know they aren't the only ones."

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