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Apparently This Is The Most Patronising Video On The Internet

"Incredible images of the tribe Toulambis… first contact in their lives with the outside world and the white man.

"It's amazing the reaction to the unknown!

"Look at the faces of fear, wonder and joy later!"

Here are the Papua New Guinean Toulambis tribe meeting "the white man" for the first time. It's a pretty compelling piece of film, but didn't he have anything better than a commuter's lipstick mirror, a pack of safety matches and Camden head-shop-divorcee panpipe music to take them? I know it was only 1976, but we had the Ramones, condoms and milkshakes by then. Talk about letting the side down.

I don't know if there any tribes left in the world for whitey to pillage and corrupt with electricity tumours and episodes of My Super Sweet 16, but I hope the guy who goes to greet the aliens can produce more from his pockets than this, because those guys must be pretty used to their Nazi gold by now. (via Reddit)