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May 10, 2007, 9:43am

Today, per our Thursday yuge, we've got a fresh episode of Epicly Later'd for you featuring early 90s fixture Henry Sanchez tooling around the old EMB. We know we've been a little San Francentric with the series as of late, but cut us some slack. It's like trying to do a show on famous winos without setting every episode in Minneapolis. In any case, we'll get back to the rest of the country soon enough - just you wait.

We've also got some new music videos, and a pair of new DOs & DON'Ts & Friends with Cory Kennedy and the Cobrasnake. And if you thought we had somehow forgotten about Northern Colombia donkey-fucking, I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. Yesterday we talked with some local boys about their fondness for the pleasures of the burro. Today we get a first-hand lesson in the love that dares speak its name from our cab driver Martin. It's... genuinely... eh, just watch the video.

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