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VICE Is Ten: 2002 - 2012

We Found a Lost Documentary About Shoreditch from 2002

'The D.I.T.C.H' follows four hip, young taste-makers making Shoreditch their creative playground.

While we were gearing up to celebrate VICE's 10th birthday in the UK, clearing out all the crap we've been hoarding in our cupboards for the last decade, we stumbled across a never-before-seen trailer for an unaired docu-soap from 2002 about the lives of four hip, young Hoxtonites. It's a startling insight into how relatively affluent, middle class creatives were living 10 years ago: making zines, waking up at Chariots, working on their burgeoning graffiti careers and starting clothing lines influenced by blackface.


We're introduced to the gang as they deal with the pressures of being the creative individuals they know they truly are in the face of a Shoreditch slowly being taken over by copycat retards. Will they keep their wits about them and stay on Erol Alkan's list or be forced down the road to grotty Dalston?

Oh, and we also found a MiniDisc with this "Suck my Ditch (Donnie Darko rabbit monster mix 2002)" on it.

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