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Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun

Forget footy or sharing beers this Australia Day. The great Aussie equaliser is getting a biro, a cup of tea, and drawing a massive blue veined custard chucker onto a picture of a footballer in the Herald Sun.
January 21, 2014, 5:05am

What began as a workplace prank involving two plumbers drawing penises on copies of their workmates newspapers has become a Facebook sensation. The Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun Facebook page has over 350 000 likes. The Herald Sun page only has 60 000.

Although the page has run into some problems with Zuckerberg’s goons (at the moment the page is down) drawing dicks (circumcised and ejaculating cocks seem the most popular) on men, women, even porterhouse steaks has the potential of becoming a new Australian art movement.


The page has spurred copycats and shitty You Tube tributes and a feature documentary is in the works.

Forget footy or sharing beers in the front bar, ahead of Australia Day the great Aussie equaliser is getting a biro, a cup of tea (maybe a lamington) and drawing a massive blue veined custard chucker onto a picture of a footballer or politician in a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch.

One of the page founders Dylan gives us the story on the Facebook page and selects his three favourite dick pics.

VICE: How/where did DDotHS start?
Dylan: DDOTHS started in the site shed of a building site where we were working. We would draw dicks in other people's copy of the Herald Sun as a prank; it would have us all in childish fits of laughter. We thought it was too funny not to share and that is where the idea for the Facebook page came from. Between the 80 or so of us plumbers, plus the other workers on site, word soon spread and before we knew it the page had gone viral

The Facebook page was down for a while. Have you had any problems with News Corp?
The page was unpublished temporarily by Facebook for a suggested "clean up". It was re-published again after a week and we were back in action. Unfortunately it was just a matter of time before it happened again. It is currently unpublished so we can play it safe until the release of our IPhone and android apps. News Corp haven't been a problem at all, we know they must be aware of the page though. Our problems come from the public reporting our page, people who don't share the same somewhat immature sense of humour as us. Religion and politics cause the biggest uproar. The arguments in the comments are sometimes better value than the picture itself.
What do you think the appeal of DDotHS is?
 The appeal is without a doubt in its immaturity. A lot of people were hesitant to draw dicks but the page goes to prove that over 350,000 people find it hilarious. It provides an avenue for people to express their inner child and be praised for it. Regardless if you draw a dick masterpiece or a simple dick the right placement can make them just as funny as each other. It reminds you of when you were in primary school, even secondary school, where you could laugh for hours at the most ridiculous things. You're only young once but you can always be immature.

1 is Cam Smith; it is so simple and poorly drawn yet the placement made the drawing the first picture to receive over 10k Facebook likes.

2 is Gillard and Abbot; the uproar caused by this picture was amazing! The comments on Facebook were priceless! Unfortunately the reporting of this lead to both Jezz and I receiving 30 day Facebook bans.

3 is cricketer (I have forgotten his name); This was Sir Jonathon Edward Guthmann's first contribution to DDOTHS, everyone was left in awe at the detail. It was like nothing we had seen before.

TIm Scott is a Melbourne writer, editor, and radio host with a great appreciation for artistic dicks.