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We Made Young Liberals and Young Labor Date Each Other

Dating, being a student, and having strong political views. Each of these can be annoying enough on their own. We figured we'd combine all three into a self-conscious cocktail of awkward.
November 3, 2014, 12:00am

Who are those students who join political clubs at university? They wear suits, push flyers, and disagree by default, but what makes them tick? To find out we paired them up with the people they disagree with most-students from opposing parties-and made them go on dates with each other.

Meet Matthew Lesh and Deborah Wu. At 21 years old, Matthew is the self described "controversial" spokesman for the Australian Liberal Students' Federation. Deborah, who is 18, wants to someday be a Labor Prime Minister. Both study politics at Melbourne University and neither have any flair for bowling. For the sake of a level playing field, we sent them bowling.

On a more traditional note we sent Jack Aquilina, 21, and Bridget Bourke, 20, to La Porchetta for pizza. Jack is president of the Liberal club at La Trobe Uni, while Bridget is a women's football ace, and proud feminist from Melbourne Uni.

Will either of our couples get along?