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Taipei Babies

Over the next two months, in celebration of the forthcoming release of Tao Lin's latest novel, Taipei, we will be featuring a weekly selection of photos taken by the author during his recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. While there, he took thousands of pictures with his iPhone, pictures which he has divided into albums titled things like "Taipei funny," "Taipei food," Taipei babies," and "Taipei animals," among others. The images were taken between January and February 2013 during one of his semi-annual visits to the Taiwanese capital, where his parents live. This first selection is titled "Taipei babies." All photos and captions by Tao Lin. Taipei, will be released on June 4 from Vintage and is available for pre-order now. To read an early excerpt from the novel that we published in 2011 titled "Relationship Story," click here.


confusion baby

bat baby

warlord baby

scary-unexplained baby (approaching magic-ladybug-christmas-princess baby)

trying-to-accept-an-unfairly-harsh-seeming-reality baby (with constant-aggression sibling)

technology baby

paranoid-anxiety baby (with idle-disapproval father)

paranoid-anxiety baby (in alternate universe with, instead of idle-disapproval father, blurry-action father)

mushroom-helmet baby

arch-enemy babies (in the first, prologue-like scene of a half-assed superhero movie)

homeless babies (in a flashback-scene of a movie about lifelong friendship)

conspicuously misplaced baby

time-travel baby (staring in confusion at the empty stroller, frustratedly unable to comprehend the mechanics of time travel, after traveling two years into the future because it wanted to be able to push itself where it, not its mother, who it seems to have replaced, wanted to go)

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