The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Michael Phelps wins his 21st gold medal in Rio, newly released emails revive questions about the Clinton Foundation's relationship to the State Department, Trump denies his gun rights remark was a veiled threat, and more.
August 10, 2016, 1:25pm

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Trump Denies Gun Rights Remark Was Veiled Threat
Donald Trump's campaign has been forced to deny that he was calling for violence against Hillary Clinton after saying "Second Amendment people" could "maybe" stop Clinton from nominating Supreme Court justices. His campaign issued a statement saying Trump only meant people supporting the Second Amendment would vote together.—CBS News

Baltimore Police Found to Violate Civil Rights
A Department of Justice report released today finds that the Baltimore Police Department routinely violated civil rights, disproportionately targeting black residents in poor neighborhoods. Some orders were found to be "explicitly discriminatory," such as an order to arrest "all the black hoodies" in a neighborhood.—The Baltimore Sun


Emails Raise Questions About Clinton Foundation Ties to State Department
Newly released email exchanges between employees at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department from 2009 appear to show the charitable foundation seeking government influence. The 44 email exchanges show discussions about US donors and business people expressing interest in overseas policy matters.—The New York Times

Gunfire Report at Ferguson Protest March
Gunfire was reported in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday evening at a protest march marking the second anniversary of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. A spokesman for the city said police responded to reports of gunfire after a pedestrian had been struck by a passing car, but the reports have not yet been confirmed.—NBC News


Brazil Senate Votes for Impeachment Trial
Brazil's Senate has voted to hold an impeachment trial for suspended president Dilma Rousseff, who's accused of breaking a budget law and using illegal accounting methods. A two-thirds majority is needed in a final vote following the trial, due to begin in the week after the Olympics closing ceremony.—BBC News

Leaked Files Show Abuse at Australian Detention Camp
More than 2,000 leaked incident reports from Australia's offshore detention center for asylum seekers on Nauru reveal widespread abuse and trauma inflicted on children and women. The files include seven reports of sexual assault and 59 reports of assault on children, including guards allegedly slapping children in the face.—The Guardian


Vietnam Moves Rocket Launchers onto Disputed Islands
Vietnam has placed mobile rocket launchers on several islands in the disputed South China Sea, according to Western officials. The launchers have yet to be armed but have been placed strategically on five bases in the Spratly Islands in recent months, a development likely to raise tensions with China.—Reuters

Hospital Fire Kills 11 Babies in Iraq
At least 11 prematurely born babies have been killed in a fire at a hospital in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The health ministry said the fire broke out inside the maternity unit at Yarmouk Teaching Hospital. Seven other children and 29 women were rescued and moved to a nearby hospital in the city.—Al Jazeera


Michael Phelps Wins Two More Golds
Michael Phelps won another two gold medals at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday night, claiming the 20th and 21st golds of his career. He won the men's 200m butterfly and the men's 4 x 200m Olympic freestyle relay.—CNN

Michael Jordan Gives $5 Million to African American Museum
The NBA legend has donated $5 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum, set to open September 24, will feature a gallery named "The Michael Jordan Hall: Game Changers."—USA Today

KFC Urged to Stop Antibiotics in Chicken Supply Chain
A coalition of consumer groups will deliver a petition from more than 350,000 people to KFC today, calling on the fast food giant to stop the routine use of antibiotics by the companies that supply its chicken.—Reuters

Canada Seizes 50 Million Doses of Elephant Tranquilizer
Canadian agents seized a huge shipment of carfentanil, a synthetic drug typically used to sedate elephants. Police expressed fears about the health impact if the shipment, enough to produce 50 million doses, had "made its way to the street."—VICE News

Humans Use Up Earth's Resources for 2016
Human beings have officially overspent the planet's resource budget for the year, according to the Global Footprint Network. We reached Earth Overshoot Day on August 8, taking more natural capital than the planet can reproduce.—Motherboard

China Pissed Off About Incorrect Flags in Rio
Olympic organizers have pledged to remove all misaligned Chinese flags that keep popping up during the games. China flags used in Rio have featured small stars not correctly tilted toward the large star.—VICE Sports