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Netflix's New Series 'Easy' Makes Dating Look Like the Hellscape It Truly Is

Mumblecore master Joe Swanburg brings together a cast of A-listers to show us how hard it can be to find love in a modern world saturated with mobile dating apps and shifting cultural norms.
Screenshot via 'Easy' trailer

On Thursday, Netflix released the first teaser for its new eight-part series, Easy, from director, writer, and executive producer Joe Swanburg—and it makes dating in 2016 look a lot like the terrible hellscape that it truly is.

Swanburg, who's made his mark as the master of low-budget mumblecore films like Drinking Buddies, has assembled an all-star cast to tell eight stand-alone stories about young Chicagoans fumbling through a minefield of mobile dating apps and shifting cultural norms in search of love. According to Deadspin, the series features a whole slew of big-name actors like Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Marc Maron, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, Jake Johnson, Michael Chernus, Elizabeth Reaser, Emily Ratajkowski, and many others.

In the trailer, characters dish about terrible dates, terrible sex, trying to get pregnant, trying to keep a marriage interesting, and the complications that come with trying to engineer a threesome. It sort of looks like a Netflix version of those multi-celeb dramadies of the late 2000s—like He's Just Not That Into You or Love Actually—but after the success of Stranger Things , Narcos, and Orange Is the New Black, we really have no reason to think the streaming powerhouse would steer us wrong.

Give Easy a watch when it hits Netflix on September 22.

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