Photos from the Summer I Learned to Skate at 24 Years Old


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Photos from the Summer I Learned to Skate at 24 Years Old

Here are some of the snaps photographer Jake Lewis took in between regularly eating concrete at London's many skate parks.

Learning to skate at 24 years old might seem like a bad idea. By this age, you have "the fear," a.k.a. foresight, a.k.a. reluctance, to do absolutely anything that might shatter one of your more important bones. But also, you quickly learn that getting over your fears takes you a lot further than being a giant wimp about everything.

I started learning at the beginning of this summer, mostly skating Deptford and venturing out as far as Guildford. Learning to drop in and cruise a bowl is all I've achieved, but I'm happy with that, even if skate parks and bowls are the scariest part of learning to skate (they're probably one of the only places in the world where you're routinely shown up by eight-year-olds). That said, it doesn't take long to realize that everyone there is on your team.


I took my camera along over the course of the summer and photographed what was going on around me. Here are a selection of photos from that time.

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