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Election '15

The New Wave: Meet Durham's David Cameron-Worshipping Young Tory

In this episode we meet young Tory Rebecca Coulson, an avid tennis player and David Cameron mega-fan aiming to become the MP for Durham.

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

In this new series we travel around the country, from Durham to Glasgow to Peckham, to meet the new wave of young politicians and activists looking to make an impact upon the general election. With intense canvasing campaigns, some managed by the candidates' mothers, the fresh faces of British politics have swapped all the things that young people normally spend their time doing for a shot at shaking up Westminster.

"In politics, if you want anything said ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman," once said Margaret Thatcher. With this in mind, and with more than three quarters of all politicians in Westminster being men, Rebecca Coulson is hoping to win a seat at the general election as Tory MP of her constituency, Durham.

Despite the area being a Labour stronghold for years, Rebecca places hope in her "positive politics" and the Tories' claims about getting the economy back on track. An avid tennis player and a conductor of the local choral society, Rebecca has pictures of David Cameron propped all over her office. She aims to focus on localized politics and tackle everything from planning permission to potholes.

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