Stories From Lives Affected by HIV


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Stories From Lives Affected by HIV

VICE presents five stories about HIV today, inspired by our documentary, 'Stopping HIV? The Truvada Revolution.'
June 6, 2015, 3:56pm

In celebration of our new documentary, Stopping HIV? The Truvada Revolution, we've published a series of stories from lives affected by the HIV virus. Each story challenges old notions of what the virus signifies, who it affects, and what it means to live as HIV-positive. With radical advances in HIV treatment—and now, with Truvada, the very real possibility of HIV prevention—many of today's HIV-positive individuals are living full, active, and inspiring lives. We urge everyone to be tested regularly for HIV. You can further support research towards HIV prevention by contributing to the AIDS Research Alliance and international HIV/AIDS research foundations.

Power in the Crisis: Kia LaBeija's Radical Art as a 25-Year-Old, HIV Positive Woman of Color

Kia LaBeija has been living with HIV since birth. That hasn't stopped her from becoming one of the fast-rising stars of the photography and ballroom scenes.

We Can End the HIV Epidemic, If We Want To

The Director of Sexual Health and Advocacy at has some strong words for his community: It's time to embrace science and take available preventative measures to avoid the spread of HIV.

Living as a Woman with HIV

The face of HIV/AIDS is often male. Here, three women—each navigating the virus in her own way—tell us about their lives since being diagnosed as HIV positive.

How to Film a Virus: The Evolving Depictions of HIV/AIDS from 'Kids' to 'Precious'

Larry Clark's Kids was a powerful slap in the face for America. But since then, most depictions of HIV/AIDS have involved major stars (Philadelphia and Dallas Buyers Club) or straight-up singing and dancing (Rent). Why?

A Mother, a Son, and Two Diganoses

When Joshua came out to his mom, her first concern was keeping him safe from the HIV virus. When a test came back positive, Joshua vowed not to tell his family—until his mom was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

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