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Watch a 91-Year-Old Fulfill His Lifelong Dream of Driving Through a Garage Door

"Just live life to the extreme," the nonagenarian said afterward.

At 91 years old, it's safe to say that Walter Thomas has done and seen quite a few things in his life. He was alive to cheer as America put a man on the moon, and to watch as computers went from being clunky contraptions to magic devices you can hold in your hands. He might have gone to war, gotten in fights, saved lives, passed on lessons to younger generations. And, given that he has a family, he definitely had sex with a lady at least once.


But as the AP reported Wednesday night, there was one last thing the Chicago-area man wanted to experience before his time on this earth ended. And when he found out that a family member planned on replacing their garage door, he finally got the green light he'd been waiting decades for. Thomas donned a helmet, slid into a SUV, hit reverse, and plowed through that sucker full-throttle.

"I don't know what I could do to top it. I'm getting too old to top anything. Just live life to the extreme," the nonagenarian said afterward, presumably right before taking a giant gulp of Mountain Dew.

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