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Our Favorite Skaters Face the Flaming Rail of Doom on a New Episode of 'King of the Road'

We discover the culinary history of Ramadan on 'HUANG'S WORLD' and watch the teams compete in a pole dancing competition on 'King of the Road' tonight on VICELAND.

On an all new episode of our VICELAND food and travel show HUANG'S WORLD, we head to Istanbul with Eddie to discover the rich culinary history behind the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Watch a preview of the episode above and tune in tonight at 10 PM EST.

Then, on the latest episode of King of the Road, our show that follows Thrasher magazine's epic cross-country skateboarding competition, the teams head to Portland and attempt to conquer the flaming rail of doom and show off their moves at a pole dancing competition. Watch a preview of the episode above and watch the full-length tonight at 11 PM EST.

HUANG'S WORLD airs Thursdays at 10PM and King of the Road follows at 11PM on VICELAND.