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How a Doomed 1980s Ninja Flick Became a Beloved Cult Classic

In the 1980s, martial arts guru YK Kim recruited his students to act in 'Miami Connection,' which follows a Taekwondo synth rock band who battles a gang of drug-dealing motorcycle ninjas.

Forty years ago, YK Kim came to America from Korea and built a martial arts empire in Orlando. Now, he offers self-help seminars and martial arts classes to help empower his devoted followers.

In 1987, Kim decided to channel his passion for martial arts into filmmaking and recruited his students to be the cast and crew of his amateur action movie,Miami Connection.The film—which follows a taekwondo synth rock band as it battles a gang of drug-dealing motorcycle ninjas—was a flop in the 80s and ultimately left Kim bankrupt. Today, however, it's become cult classic.

In the inaugural episode of OUTSIDER, a show that delves deep into the minds behind the world's strangest movies, VICE meets Grandmaster YK Kim and investigates the story behind the fall and rise of this unlikely masterpiece.