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Want Free Weed Today? Go Pick Up Trash in This Colorado Park

Go help keep Colorado litter free this 4/20 and get a nice reward as well.
Photo via Dank Depot / Flickr

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By nearly every measure, the legalization of marijuana has been a great thing for the state of Colorado. It's been an unquestionable economic boon, it's bolstered tourism to the state, and—due to helpful cleanup efforts by cannabis clubs—weed is starting to help Colorado get a little tidier, too.

On Wednesday, 4/20, Colorado Springs–based Pothole Cannabis Club offered a special promotion: come clean up the park for a couple hours and receive a free joint. The cleanup is the second one the club has spearheaded. It wants to keep its beloved Colorado Springs free of litter, sure, but it also wants to prove to those who oppose cannabis clubs that they can be a helpful part of local life and contribute positively to the community. Who would oppose a cannabis clubs, you ask? And, wait, what the fuck is a cannabis club, anyway? Well, clubs like Pothole act as lounges where people can meet up to smoke together. They don't sell weed, but they're useful for people who'd like to smoke but have children at home or have buttoned-up neighbors who complain about the smell. Colorado Springs City Council took an initial vote last month to ban new clubs from opening and phase out those already in business. Some police and council members fear the existence of these clubs creates an environment that makes illegal sales, transport, and diversion of marijuana easier. But on the other side—clean parks!