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Archival Girls

EMILY, 2000 “This is really great because it’s got videotapes in it, and the little TV that has the video recorder. It looks so old.”

EMILY, 2000

“This is really great because it’s got videotapes in it, and the little TV that has the video recorder. It looks so old.”

ANNE, 1997

“This girl was in Glasgow. She’s the first anorexic girl I ever shot. She had cut marks all over her too.”

SAM, 1994

“This was in San Francisco.

Barely Legal

magazine had just started, and I had just sold my first set to them. I went to San Francisco looking for girls, and this one said she would do it. I imagine she was a stripper because everybody I knew there was in the stripper scene. She had a kid, although the kid was nowhere to be seen. I guess she was about 18 or 19 in this photo.”


AMY, 1997

“She was the girlfriend of a guy I shot. I don’t know if I’d shoot her if I saw her now, but I like her in this shot. She’s this real typical kind of girl you get in New York—super-skinny, Jewish or Italian. She was a scenester girl.”


“This was another stripper from San Francisco. I don’t remember anything about her… Oh, wait. I do! My doctor at the time told me his marriage was breaking up. It turned out it was because he was having an affair with this girl I photographed. Total coincidence.”


“This is Cristina from the bands Pussy Galore and Boss Hog. I think she was about 19 or 20 in this photo. She showed up and she had all this gear—tons of bondage stuff. I’m so naive about stuff that I didn’t even realize she was a Latina girl until years later. I mean, look at her name! But it never occurred to me. Anyway, I ran into her about a year ago. She still looks really good.”

JAIKO, 1993

“I still see Jaiko all the time and she still looks really hot. I think she was about 19 here. I met her and shot her when she was just visiting New York from Japan, and then she moved here. She is an A-number-1 girl. She has these incredible boobs.”

CELIA, 1995

“I don’t remember much about this one, but I do recall that around the same time as this, I did a shot with another girl where it looked like she was farting bubbles.”

TRACY, 1997

“I still see her in the East Village. She was the girlfriend of another model I was shooting. She turned into one of those motorcycle girls. Now she’s got tattoos all over.”


MEL, 1999

“She’s a French girl who I shot a million times. She didn’t care about being in porn magazines, which was great because I could sell the photos anywhere.”


“I first met Lucy when I was doing a show in London when my book

New York Girls

came out. I showed my films in an auditorium over there and she came to the screening. Back then, when I showed my films, there would always be one woman in the audience who would stand up and go, ‘Why are we forced to look at these bad images of sex and violence?’ At this London screening, Lucy stood up and said something like that and I thought, ‘Here’s the girl who does it at this screening.’ But then she came up to me afterward and she wasn’t like that at all. She was really asking the questions on an intellectual level. She told me, ‘I live in Glasgow. If you come up, I’ll get you some models to shoot.’ So I did, but out of all the girls she showed me, she was the coolest-looking one. Once I started shooting her, we kept working together for years. I’ve taken thousands of photos of her. I shot her for a ton of porn magazines and she had no problem with it. She was just like, ‘I can take this money and go travel.’ This shot was taken in a hotel in Paris.”

SUSAN, 1990

“She was photographer Spencer Tunick’s girlfriend back then. I met her through him. She was real cute, real young, and was up for anything. This photo is from a time when I didn’t think anything of doing something weird with my models. Right after this setup, I shot her in another archway in my apartment, hanging upside down. The ropes broke and she just bounced on her head. It freaked me out! That’s when I realized that I have to watch what I do because if she broke her neck and I had the cops up here and she’s all tied up and dead, naked except for combat boots, what am I going to say? ‘We were just taking some photos’?”

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