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After 20 Years The Nation Blue Remain One of Australia’s Most Astute and Brawny Rock Bands

Watch ‘Wild’, a quiet video for a loud song with an even louder message.

Twenty-years after their conception in the back of a dirty Hobart jam space, and seven-years since their last release, Melbourne punk-rock legends The Nation Blue return. And judging by their new video "Wild" they’re certainly not half-assing anything. With two new freestanding albums, Black and Blue, set for release in October, fans of busted Aussie rock will be pleased to hear of the groups reformation, and by the sounds of it, so are they.


Taken from Black, an album inspired by Australia's ‘the ultimate house of disrepair’- that is, Canberra's Parliament House- “Wild” is a balls-out, straight shooting rock song overlaid with the same macabre intonations that’s become synonymous with the bands’ work over the last two decades.

Directed by bass player Matt Weston, “Wild” is a quiet video for a loud song with an even louder message. It follows frontman Tom Lyngcoln out of thick wilderness as he screams the lyrics to an audience of faceless pines. It ends with a foreboding image of him staring off into what appears to be a scene of World War Three breaking out over tranquil hills. A premonition? We hope not. A metaphor for the groups sinister observations on an increasingly treacherous political terrain? More likely.

""Wild" is about the first stages of devolution and the collapse of the human frame back into itself,” Tom told NOISEY. “It's about people standing stationary in the street staring at their phone….which is what you're probably reading this on, so stop and look up. Have a look at what's survived."

For a band that hasn’t been that active for the better part of a decade, the three-piece don’t seem to show the signs of wear and have announced a string of shows to support the two albums.

‘Black’ and ‘Blue’ are available Oct 14 through Poison City records.

Nation Blue Tour 2016
Oct 14 - Sydney at Factory Floor
Oct 15 - Brisbane at Crowbar
Oct 21 - Melbourne at the Gasometer
Oct 22 - Hobart at the Brisbane