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Hear NBA Champion Iman Shumpert’s New Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Sampling Track, “Glory”

The Cleveland Cavelier, who appeared in Kanye’s "Fade" video the other day, is good at music too.

Photo via Iman Shumpert on Instagram

Imagine being Iman Shumpert. Actually, don’t; you can’t. A couple months ago, the man won an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Caveliers, an outcome that seemed practically impossible a week or so before it came off. That probably felt great.

Oh, you don’t care about sports? Shumpert is engaged to Teyana Taylor, the star of Kanye West’s new video for “Fade.” Yeah, that’s him at the end of the video. Last December, Taylor gave birth to the couple’s first child, Tayla Jr. Here is a quote from Yahoo! about the child’s birth: “Iman Shumpert delivered his and his fiancée’s baby on Wednesday morning in the bathroom of their house, using a pair of headphones to steady the umbilical cord until paramedics could arrive to attend to the newborn.” Man delivered his own baby with his bare hands.


And, almost inevitably, Shumpert is not just a good man, but a good music man. He’s dropped two mixtapes and a bunch of tracks over the past four years, most famously putting out an actually pretty great remix of Drake’s “[" target="_blank">Hotline Bling](http://<iframe width=).”

“Glory” is probably his most solid so far, though. His keeps his flow together over a beat that samples from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s “Heads Will Roll” and drops lines like, “Oh I’m obnoxious and I know it / Walk like King Joffrey on the roses.”

Put the guy in a studio with Damian Lillard for 24 hours, see what happens.

Check out “Glory” below.

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