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Here's Crystal Fighters' "All Night" - The First Track from Their Forthcoming Third Album

"She makes you feel like you can party all night! You can! YOU CAN!" How's that for an enabling anthem! Whoop!

Crikey. Crystal Fighters are in a good mood aren't they? Actually we'd be in a pretty good mood if we were strolling barefoot on a beach right now.

Remember when the London-based band's vibe was much more Basque baby yeah? Well that was a whirlwind eight years ago. Sure there are elements of 2008 CF in this new track, premiering below, but also this is simply the perfect tropi-pop party soundtrack. It seems to be about a particularly exhuberant pal whose enthusiasm is so infectious she'll make you want to party all night. And all day! Wait, are they singing about drugs?

It's the first cut from their forthcoming third album, scheduled to drop this October and if the rest of the tracks are anywhere as sprightly as this number, they'll be bring the summer party straight into fall and beyond. [Insert prayer hands emoji]