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Online Drug Slinging Fail

But hey, who doesn't love a good drug bust?

We may live in an age where you can buy anything on the Internet, from 60 foot tall iPod towers, to underwear and flamethrowers handcrafted in Russia. Heck, you can even buy drugs, but heed this warning: the Feds will rain all hell on you if you are caught behind one of these operations, as seen in this 66-page indictment released on Monday. The Feds tracked down the men behind “Farmer’s Market”, a multi-million dollar web front for delivering LSD, Afghani hashish, tar heroin, and other controlled substances to the doorsteps of eager users from around the world, including all fifty states, and 35 countries.


It’s unfortunate for all those folks who used the service to comfortably order their fixes with a simple click of a button, sure. But at the end of the day who doesn’t love a good drug bust?

This particular series of arrests comes about a year after Gawker blew the lid on a similar drug trafficking site known as “The Silk Road”, which relied on sophisticated digital roundabouts such as encryption software supplied by the TOR Project (a service protecting against IP tracing), and the fabrication of a fake crypto-currency known bitcoins.

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