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Stuff to Like When You Like Bikes

Bike shit! Or, fuzzy dice for your body.

My parents like to tell this story about how when I was little it took me forever to learn the concept of "brakes." Apparently when zooming around on my pink, Stawberry Shortcake bike, I would stop myself by just riding face first into a bush. And if I was roller skating, I'd stop by running into a wall. It still sort of makes sense to me, but sure, I guess brakes work too.

I recently moved to a new apartment and found that the subway to work takes an hour, but to ride a BIKE to work only takes 20 minutes, so that's what I've been doing. Biking in itself doesn't really require that much equipment aside from legs (right??? Or maybe not even) and a bike, but because I have an actual SPENDING ADDICTION, whenever I get into a new thing I search out whatever sort of crap I can buy to go with it. Luckily in this case I just emailed people and begged them for free stuff. And they gave it to me! What follows is a breakdown of some fun stuff you can use if you ride a bike, or think that maybe you'll want to ride one at some point.


Ryde Safe Reflective Bike Decals

I learned about these on some bike blog and immediately wanted them. If I owned a car I'd want to keep it clean and simple with no stickers or garbage on it, but I feel like with bikes it's best to make them look as Tokyo Drift as possible.

Tonky from Ryde Safe sent me two packs of decals, one black pack and one gold pack, and I put them around the rims of my tires, and on my helmet. I can tell they look cool as shit because when I ride around at night people hooty hoo at my bike like it's a hot flooze.

Here's an exclusive video which shows them in action:


When you're riding a bike and it's raining, what are you supposed to do? Hold an umbrella with one arm and steer with the other? Wear an umbrella hat like some sort of asshole? Trashbag? These were things I was asking myself and then I came across these Cleverhoods and freaked out over how cool they look. I would wear a cape outside anyway, just because, but a waterproof and reflective cape is even better. Not gonna lie, the first time I coasted down the street with one of these on I had that embarrassed feeling like the one you'd get in high school when you showed up with your sides shaved, or pink hair for the first time. "Can I really just be doing this? Is this socially illegal?" Who cares. Capes are awesome.

Photo by Ramsay de Give

Tim Adam Bags

I participated in a contest on Tumblr to win one of these, and when I didn't, I just emailed them and was like "GIVE ME ONE!" They were nice enough to do so and I love it more than my mother. Here's a picture of Sasha Hecht, Girl Reporter, holding it.

So there.