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April 20, 2011, 3:10pm

Brendan Majewski was my friend. One time I body slammed him on top of my stove and he claimed the impact rattled his switchblade out of his pocket. He never found it. Brendan was the only person I have ever known who didn't like the Chappelle Show, which still blows my mind. He also played in Orphan, a band I loved for two simple reasons: they actually sounded good, and their concerts only lasted 30 to 45 minutes. His music made our friendship easier to maintain, because I actually respected his creative output. Aside from music, Brendan made zines, music videos, and collages that were all done with a dark sarcasm I admired.

Brendan passed on in January, and tonight there will be a show in his honor, with all proceeds going to his family. The line up is a couple of bands that Brendan liked, and DJ sets by Bob Nickas and Jacob Kassay. I don't know too much about the bands, I just hope they play some Orphan records between sets.

Brendan Majewski Tribute/Benefit Show
Union Pool
484 Union Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
$10 - All proceeds go to Brendan's family