Manson Family Values


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Manson Family Values

Artist and Designer Justin Blyth seems to have taken one too many acid tabs and is now lost on some sort of motorcycle tour lead by Timothy Leary of the weirdest parts of 1970s Los Angeles. And we are all better for it. Check out a sneak peek of his...

Graphic designer Justin Blyth has just published an acid-soaked nostalgia mindfuck of a zine, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me, in conjunction with the good people at Arkitip. Justin is based in Amsterdam but hails from LA, and is widely known for his killer taste-making image blog, Them Thangs. This new project's pages burst with Manson Family values and meth-fueled biker weirdness, marrying the scuzzy LA lifestyle with the throwback Satanism of Anton LaVey, plus a load of weird shit on top of that.


Check out the sneak peek above and make sure to buy your very own copy here.