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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 10/27

Shout out to Meek Mill for letting Nicki post a pic of him sucking on her toes.

So I've eaten my way through two days straight; I effectively skipped Black Friday this year in exchange for binge watching the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix. No regrets. Most of you are probably just reading this in between plates full of leftovers and shopping online, so I'll keep this brief. It's actually just my excuse to finish quickly and go back to eating. Here are this week's Instagram pics.


Nicki Minaj

I mean, shout out to Meek Mill for letting Nicki post a pic of him sucking on her toes. Men are probably pissed at Meek now since he's making it harder for them to be mediocre in their relationships now.


Can someone confirm if this is offensive or not?


Did Pharrell skip out on Thanksgiving dinner? He's all bones. #TerribleJokeAlert

Gwen Stefani

This relationship is still weird to me. It's distracting. And why is Blake dressed like he hunted his own turkey for Thanksgiving?

Selena Gomez

Posting because I like Selena Gomez's hat.

The Game


Taylor Swift

On the next season of Laguna Beach…

50 Cent

Fif is here to tell you that your overeating is fucking disgusting. Good thing I went to the gym today before overeating again.


A day where we can see Drake's dad is a great day. Look at that smooth pimp outfit. Ugh. Dennis Graham is a national treasure.


JoJo's special was fucking lit. If you missed it, your loss.

Ellie Goulding

Brb doing all of the squats.


Okay NOW I feel bad for eating too much this week. And right now.

Jenny Lewis

Okay, well I have my holiday cards picked this year.

French Montana

The dripping swooshes on French's Nikes make this entire outfit.

Rick Ross

Wait, why are they all hanging out?

Lady Gaga

And now we conclude with a puppy that's so cute I'll be crying until next month, which is actually only a few days away.

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