There's a New Burial EP in the World Just in Time for Cyber Monday

Two new songs when all we needed was one to be happy... or filled with dread. Take your pick.
November 28, 2016, 3:43pm

General electronic maverick Burial continues his tradition of dropping objectively incredible music mere weeks before the year ends with a new 12" release. Similar to his previous releases Kindred and especially 2013's Rival DealerYoung Death abandons dancefloor pulses for exploration and ambience, with songs that feel like mini-suites of conjoined ideas.

The title track employs Burial's familiarly haunting vocal samples while the B-side, "Nightmarket," nods to 80s film score with racing, urgent synth arpeggios disappearing into haze and static. There's probably no tie to Cyber Monday itself, but this is music that's worthy of and surpasses the sometimes cringeworthy prefix. You can stream Young Death below.

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