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Punks Warehouse Stream Their Beautifully Pessimistic New LP 'super low'

The Atlanta-based five piece is back with a howling, growling, raw piece of music with 'super low.'
September 26, 2016, 6:17pm

Atlanta band Warehouse have been kicking around since 2012, but they didn't officially release music until 2014, when they released their debut record Tessaract. Two years later, they're back with super low, a guttural surf-punk record with influences from all corners of punk music. Warehouse is made up of Ben Jackson and Alex Bailey on guitar, Elaine Edenfield on vocals, Josh Hughes on bass, and Doug Bleichner on drums. Their sound is a mix of Sonic Youth and Nirvana and Bikini Kill with a dash of Dilly Dally.


When I asked for a comment, Jackson and Edenfield had quite a lot to say about this release so without further adieu, here you go!

"As a band we have always drawn heavily from environment as the backdrop to songwriting and our surrounding lives," says Jackson. "When I try to categorize the songs that ultimately made up this record I think back to the places they were written and Super Low was never far behind." "super low was an exercise in brevity in a way that Tesseract was an exercise in athleticism" says Elaine Edenfield​ on the process. "The songwriting process didn't change--guitars first, everything else on top--but definitely we all had the attitude of wanting to make something more refined. Tesseract seemed like it came out the most naturally as a collision of everyone just giving every riff or scream in these myriad of ways, trying everything out to see what worked and what didn't, and mostly just seeing what it was possible to do. While I'm proud of Tesseract, there are definitely songs I'd be just as fine with not ever performing again. All in all I feel like it's a really good stepping stone. It transitions from Tesseract to a much different place and sets us up stacked for the third album."

Listen to super low below. The album is out September 30. You can preorder a physical copy here and a digital copy here.