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This Car Glove Box Has Sparked a Jazz Revival

Jazz is truly taking Giant Steps with this box's performance.

Great jazz music is chaos with a heartbeat. It's a series of misdirections with purpose. Jazz is a shitty car with a squeaky glove box. A modest glove box has been quietly playing the song of a storage container uncontained since January 2016 on stuffwhatidone's YouTube account. Going relatively unnoticed, the automotive appliance has since reached Miles Davis levels of notoriety thanks to a Reddit post. Reddit, of course, is the internet's speakeasy. Much like other now famous inanimate objects such as the shovel that played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and this other door that also plays jazz, the glovebox is a nail in the "life imitates art" coffin. Life, as we now know, is art.


While humanity is empty, the glove box is full. It seems to contain a folded map, neatly tucked away in brash defiance of any want for direction. Atop the oppressive map, there appears to be some kind of leather bound booklet, no doubt full of Charles Mingus and Ella Fitzgerald albums. Note the empty cup holders: the jazz musician keeps the soul empty, ready, and accepting. Many Reddit dwellers noted the striking resemblance of the glove box's ditty to Paul Desmond's "Take Five," as demonstrated by the composer nerd oddit.

We will no doubt see this glove box's song remixed by the likes of hip-hoppers Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco, since their values seems to align so perfectly with the glove box and they are fond of the jazz music. Others have already begun to borrow inspiration from the glove box. Check out this EDM fusion by the YouTuber Guamu:

Duncan Steven incorporated the heartfelt glove boxa nova song into a more traditional arrangement:

The user Lesi20, without any remorse, appropriated the glove box's urban poetry to create this monstrosity:

Jazz is a great conversation, one that will continue until the heat death of the universe. This mighty glove box, boldly trilling the people's song, is but one voice in that dialogue. Even when it all ends, the dying gasp of our world will surely be the greatest melody to grace the space-time continuum. We only hope there will be some YouTubers left to remix it all into some dank memes.

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