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14 Months Later, Here's Travis Scott's "90210" Video, Which Features Puppets Engaging in Sensual Content

Somehow, this is directed by Hype Williams.

Despite being the original vibe curator, Travis Scott hasn't had many visuals for both his recent  project Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight or his 2015 album Rodeo. More than a year after the latter's release, we now have a video from none other than Hype Williams for album track "90210," a song mostly famous among listeners for a pretty clutch beat switch in the second half.

The video itself is animated in stop-motion and features the Travis action figure from the Rodeo album artwork as a puppet wandering through a city as a enormous kaiju-style monster before it bones another puppet, then meets a Travis clone that has druidic powers over plant life. The clip follows in an esteemed tradition of abstract, fucked-up stop-motion animated music videos like Tool's "Sober" and Alice in Chains' "I Stay Away". Travis is essentially the alt-metal artist of 2010s rap, so it makes sense that he'd share in their vision. Watch the "90210" video below.

Phil was thinking about Tool's similarities to Travis Scott long before this video. He's on Twitter.