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MIXED BY Frikstailers

If we had a daytime rave in the hidden tropics of the moon, it might sound like this.
June 10, 2014, 1:15pm

Frikstailers are bringing a whole new swag to the MIXED BY series. The Mexico D.F/Argentine duo - Rafa Caivano (DJ Rafa Caivano) and Lisandro Sona (DJ Sandro de America) - come from a cumbia perspective, but their heady layering of disparate influences. Cumbia, dancehall, house, baile funk, electro, hip hop, dub, kuduro, electro - it's like they're crafting the soundtrack to a daytime rager, somewhere in the hidden tropics of the moon.


The duo are often clad in imaginative neon get-ups, but these two have a whole lot more than gimmickry going on. Reports from their Boiler Room London and Mutek Mexico performances mention that the duo appropriate video game interfaces as instruments, which gives you an idea of the playfulness and ingenuity of the pair.

Camanchaca - TC2000
Chancha Vía Circuito - Guajaca
Los Guacharacos de Colombia - El Cafetero (El Búho Remix)
Dengue Dengue Dengue y Los Reyes De La Milanga - Bacilah Coqueta
Rafael Aragón - Shâamaàn (Native Dub)
Die Antwoord - Diz Iz Why I'm Hot (Frikstailers Remix)
Frikstailers - Venus
Danny Drive Thru - Beefheart (DJ Sandro de America remix)
Los Reyes De La Milanga - Don Pedro Lino
Frikstailers - Crop Circles
Frikstailers - Kepler
Frikstailers - Vakum

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