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Stream Josh Wink’s Acid-Twisting 'Shoelaces' EP on Boysnoize Records

‘Shoelaces’ comes strapped with stomping remixes from Truncate, Mono Junk, and more.
Josh Wink. Photo courtesy of the artist

Rarely heard outside of his own label Ovum Recordings, acid techno stalwart Josh Wink's next release is a symbolic passing of the torch.

Tomorrow, August 12, the Philadelphia-repping DJ veteran and producer behind the seminal 1995 track "Higher State of Consciousness" is dropping his new EP, Shoelaces, on Boysnoize Records, the eponymous label from German young gun and tastemaker Alex Ridha a.k.a. Boys Noize. The title track, a smoky, rave-ready weaving of techno, acid, electro, and breaks with a heady climax and alien-like vocals, is accompanied by warehouse-stomping remixes from Truncate and Mono Junk, as well as an instrumental version and an acid instrumental.

"I'm happy with 'Shoelaces' being released on Boysnoize Records as it's a rarity that I release on other labels outside of my own label Ovum Recordings," Wink tells THUMP. "I'm a fan of both the label and Alex Boys Noize, so I am excited to be a part of the greatly diverse and talented BNR family."

Ridha adds, "It's a big honor to release Josh Wink's new record on BNR. Needless to say there are so many club bombs he's made and he's been a big influence for me as a DJ and producer. With 'Shoelaces' Josh is showing us his love for 303 acid and breaks, it's a raw fun and very effective record, the perfect fit for BNR."

Stream Josh Wink's Shoelaces EP in full below, exclusively on THUMP.