Smalltown DJs Partner with Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger on an Escapist New Single

"Erased The Night" is a lush, 80s-indebted collaboration out today on Fool's Gold.
March 14, 2017, 8:48pm
Photo of Smalltown DJs by Jacquey Valadka

Calgary duo Smalltown DJs today shared a soothingly lush new single produced in collaboration with Broken Social Scene affiliate Lisa Lobsinger. "Erased The Night" employs the 80s synth pop styles you might find on John Hughes soundtrack, heavy on soaring synths and melodramatic chord progressions. Lyrically, it evokes the way time almost ceases to exist in when you find yourself diving head-over-heels into a relationship—or just a long night. The original version has the air of a ballad—made up of hovering, ethereal pop gestures—while the "Club Mix" transmutes the distinctly human feel of the original into something more robotic, yet still affecting.


Smalltown DJs told THUMP about the ideas behind the track via email. "'Erased the Night' is the second time we've worked with Lisa Lobsinger and we are such huge fans of hers—her delivery is so powerful and haunting at the same time," they said. "We wanted to come up with a tune that would be a perfect way to kick off your night, or great vibes at the afterparty. 'Erased the Night' is a tribute to late, late nights and the pure escapism that goes with them."

Smalltown DJs have a THUMP tradition of delivering crucial annual mixes of the year's best tracks—revisit their sessions from 2015 and 2016.

The Erased The Night single is out on Fool's Gold now.

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