Lube Up for A Club Called Rhonda and MATTE's NYC Bash with Sweaty Mix from Nicky Siano

The Studio-54 legend also shared a short story about the time he almost pushed Diana Ross off a balcony.
January 25, 2017, 9:30pm

This Saturday, January 28, Los Angeles pansexual party institution A Club Called Rhonda is teaming up with NYC's own Matte Projects for an all-night take over of Capitale. If you aren't familiar with the glitzy venue, it used to house the Bowery Savings Bank back in the day. Beneath high ceilings and hidden vaults, the party will host sets from Kevin Saunderson, Wolf + Lamb, Juan Maclean b2b Nancy Whang, Eric Duncan, Rhonda's Goddollars & Paradise, and last but not least the one-and-only Nicky Siano. To get us properly lubed up for what promises to be a sweat-soaked night of much-needed deviance and release, the former Studio 54 resident has graced us with an exclusive 60-minute mix ahead of the party.

Dubbed his "Native New York" mix, Siano told us the set features "high energy tunes I dug out from everywhere," as well as two new oldies he found just in time for the weekend. "I wanted to create a selection that I would play early on in the night, with the funky slower beats and rare classics my peeps don't get to hear during my peak sets." He also took the time to tell us a short story about the time he almost pushed Diana Ross off a balcony, because why not.

"One of my favorite memories from Studio 54 was when Diana Ross was sitting up on the booth counter, which overlooked the dance floor from 14 feet above," he recalled. "The counter had record bins built into them, so essentially she was perched on the records. Richie Kaczor was playing, and he was taking a drug called Tuinals, which were sleeping pills that were also known as 'gorilla biscuits'. They made people mean! I was so excited to see Diana Ross up so close, but I wasn't aware that she had done this before in order to look glamorous for her minions below. I leaned into Richie's ear and said "Richie, Diana Ross is sitting all over your records!" With his eyes at half mast, he looked at her with disgust, then turning back to me, he asked pleadingly, 'Will you help me push her off the balcony?'"

Grab tickets to A Club Called Rhonda x MATTE on Eventbrite and check out the full flyer below the mix.