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This Grooving New Track From Simion is Sort of Like Deep House

But we aren't complaining.

Simion's next release doesn't come out until April 25, but we already have access to the full stream. The single, "U + I," is sort of like deep house. The soulful singing vaguely recalls vocal Chicago tracks, and the one of the synth melodies sounds like a dismembered version of the chord progression on Soul Capsule's "Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)"—but the comparisons pretty much stop there. The powerful, dense beat and searing garage-influenced hi-hats drive the track with pure muscle, not subtle ambiance, which is totally fine by us, because a bone-deep groove like this is pretty undeniable. "U + I" will arrive on Simion's own Hedonism imprint April 25th, along with a few remixes, including one from Sankeys resident Darius Syrossian.